World Party

A weekend of fun and sharing

World Party

Swansea Bay REC, in partnership with City & County of Swansea’s Leisure Department, organised the annual multicultural World Party event. This was successfully planned and organised with hard work from the many partners and participants who made this possible.

The event was held outside the Waterfront Museum. The event took place for 2 days on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August 2010 between 1pm and 6pm.

The Bank Holiday weekend gave many visitors to Swansea a glimpse of the diverse communities in the Swansea Bay area. There were an estimated 4,500 people who attended the event outside the Waterfront Museum grounds.

The multi-cultural event was a colourful and fantastic day full of different flavours from around the world. There were displays from the Arab & Muslim community, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Thai, Irish and Welsh communities amongst many others. The Arab & Muslim Community marquee was awarded the ‘Best Dressed Marquee‘ award by the Lord Mayor, as an incentive for the effort put into creating a memorable splash.

Many performances from communities around the world were enjoyed by the public during the weekend, many of which were colourful and exciting to watch. On Saturday a local belly dancing troupe ‘the Habibi Dancers’ performed Turkish belly dance originating from the Middle East.

We have received many favourable comments from members of the public who attended the event. It is hoped that the event, which has been presented for the past two years, will become an annual event in the future.

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