HTV (Helping Tackle Vulnerability)


We are very pleased to have received funding to organise four more Community Safety events through a partnership between SBREC, DPIA, WRC and Communities First, in association with Swansea City of Sanctuary.

iN December 2010 we were welcomed in Blaenymaes as agencies and the local community came together and recognised the importance of safety within our communities of Swansea with particular emphasis to the vulnerable members of our society.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees for example, have been persecuted in their own countries and seek refuge and sanctuary within Swansea.

Unfortunately, myths about Asylum Seekers and refugees still exist and racial abuse is a common occurrence. We hoped if there were any concerns within an area, vulnerable members of our society would come forward and air their concerns whether asa bystander or a victim.

Events held within communities aim to explore issues and concerns about safety in various areas around Swansea. We are pleased to see this happening at a grass roots level between the community, voluntary organisations, the Police and others actually operating and living within the areas. It allows everyone to address concerns and really make a dierence to people’s lives. It is very important that people actively get involved and this is where change can really take place.

We have been very happy with the positive aspects that the events have had within the chosen areas. That, and a free lunch and crèche, provided the impetus for people to attend!

Please note that the HTV Project concluded in October 2011. The work performed by the project workers, Denise, Maruf and Marta has however left a lasting legacy. Officers at SBREC continue to provide some of the services which were provided by the Project Team.