Training & Services

Training and Services

Swansea Bay REC is proud of its expertise in offering training programmes to suit the needs of organisations and individuals. Our specific expertise exists in the following fields:

  • Equality Training (all mandates of equality)
  • Familiarisation with Equality Act 2010
  • Impact Assessment – How do you do it?
  • Multi-culturalism in Wales
  • Diversity – How not to stereotype?

Most of our training is carried out through using case studies of actual scenarios that we have witnessed. We devise programmes to suit the specific needs of the organisation that we work with including providing organisation specific cases.

Please telephone us (see ‘Contact us’ page) or let us have an email if you are interested in any of the above subjects.

We also facilitate a large number of training courses at SBREC premises as well as other community venues.  Numerous English language courses ranging from ESOL level 0 through to ESOL level 4 are provided with the help of external organisations such as Workers Education Association, Swansea University and Gower College Swansea.

Additionally we are a recognized training establishment in our own right. We validate a range of Open College Network (OCN) courses including Life in the UK (Citizenship classes), Information Technology (IT), Driving Theory Test and other subjects dependant on demand for such courses.

Whilst we pride ourselves in providing equality related training to external organisations we also ensure that our own internal training regime is sufficiently robust.