18 May 2017

The Passing Away of a Welsh Legend, Rhodri Morgan

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It is with sadness that we learnt about the unexpected death of former First Minister of Wales, Hywel Rhodri Morgan.

Rhodri Morgan, as he is commonly known, had been the Welsh Assembly Member for Cardiff West and the First Minister for Wales from 1999 until 2011. He also served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Cardiff West from 1987 until 2001.  After his retirement from front line politics, he became the Chancellor for Swansea University.

Rhodri leaves a gap in the infrastructure of Welsh life after his sad departure and we at SBREC wish to send our condolences to his family. He will be missed in many spheres of Welsh life including his great Chancellorship of Swansea University.

Rest in Peace Rhodri!

22 Jan 2013

Free English Language Classes at Swansea University

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This is a guest post from Peter Neville. Peter is in charge of teacher training at ELTS Swansea University.  You can connect with him on Twitter and via his blog.

Free English Language support classes
Thursday 24th January to Thursday 21st March 2013 (THURSDAYS ONLY)
Swansea University – Taliesin Extension Building

ELTS, the department of Swansea University which supports overseas students and provides training for people to be English Language teachers, is again running its popular free English Language support classes from 24th January until the 21st March. The classes are run informally, so there is no registration or forms to fill out, and participants can attend as many, or as few classes as they wish. If participants come to most of the classes, we will issue an attendance certificate.

On this occasion, we are funded to reimburse (in cash) daily bus travel within Swansea (we need to see the ticket or pass).
These free classes are provided for any non-native speaker at pre-intermediate level and upper intermediate level, or above. There are two separate classes, running at the same time. Pre-intermediate students have a basic ability to communicate and understand, but can make much improvement in all areas. Upper-intermediate students have an effective command of English, but this is not perfect, and vocabulary can be extended, grammar fine-tuned and speaking and listening ability can be consolidated.

The teachers taking the classes are all full time Masters students at the university, but will always be monitored by experienced lecturers from ELTS.
Joining the class will give valuable practice in English, and will introduce participants to the wider community of English Language learners in Swansea. And, it’s all free!

You can see a flyer at http://tinyurl.com/Jan2013freeclasses
Or you can email p.l.neville@swansea.ac.uk for more specific information.

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16 Aug 2012

A Ramadan Breaking of Fast Event at Swansea University

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Muslims in the South West Wales region who commenced the blessed month of Ramadan on 20th July are now gearing up to the end of the month on or around Friday 17th or Saturday 18th August 2012.

Kim Collis Esq, the County Archivist at Swansea University Mosque

Ramadan is one of the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. It is a month when most people who follow the religion, and who are old enough, fast during daylight hours. This is a complete fast which includes abstaining from food, drinks and smoking.

The Swansea University Mosque Management Committee opened their doors to members of every community in Swansea in order to create an environment of sharing during the breaking of fast event. During this event, people who fast from dawn to dusk come together in a wonderful social environment to break their fasts with dates, milk and fruit juice. After the evening prayer, they have a meal together.  The fast allows Muslims to empathise with those who are less fortunate and to concentrate their minds on their spiritual selves; the social eating after breaking of the fast allows them to appreciate what they have and to build better relationships with one another.

One such event was attended by Swansea Councillors Mitchell Theaker, Andrew Jones, Geraint Owens and Pearleen Sangha as well as the County Archivist Mr Kim Collis, PC Chris Noblett and former Councillor Stuart Rice.

In order to experience a day of fast, Mr Rice had successfully fasted the whole day and Mr Collis had fasted almost entirely for the day. They spoke, to the gathered audience after breaking their fasts, about their experience of fasting. They complemented the community on the psychological effort that is required for people to have completed their fasts over the past few weeks.

12 Jul 2012

Swansea Bay REC’s Annual General Meeting

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Swansea Bay REC held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 11th July 2012 at Swansea University’s Council Chambers. At the AGM, members had the opportunity to elect the organisation’s Chair, Vice Chair and members to serve on the Executive Committee.

Mrs Angella Gullam, RGN from Neath was elected Chair for the second year. Mr Nick Tregoning was elected as the Vice Chair for the ensuing year. Newly elected members of the Executive Committee included Mrs Aisha Rasul Iftikhar (pictured below) as well as Mr Arjan Ali, Dr Minkesh Sood, Mrs Amy Moore and Mr Nick Tregoning (the four pictured right).
The meeting was attended by the general members with special guests including Deputy Lord Mayor of Swansea, Cllr June Stanton & Deputy Mayoress, Mayor of Neath Port Talbot, Cllr Martyn Peters, Vice Chancellor of Swansea University, Professor Richard Davies, Police Commander Superintendent Joe Ruddy and Swansea Fire Service Chief Richie Webborn.