30 Jun 2012

World Party Event 2012

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City and County of Swansea has, once again this year, partnered with Swansea Bay REC and all the communities of Swansea to present the World Party Event. The event is being held on Sunday 1st July in Singleton Park, Swansea (Mumbles Road entrance), commencing at 12 noon and lasting until 6pm.

The World Party Event has become an annual event since it commenced in 2009. In past years it has been held outside the National Waterfront Museum. This year it has moved to one of the nicest parks in the area. The event will feature the best that each community can showcase in terms of culture and traditions. Dedicated marquees will be showcasing each of the communities from around the globe with a common theme of a united and integrated Swansea.

The event headlines with an internationally popular act “The Stranger Family”. There will be many other acts, dance and music from a local Celtic perspective all the way through to Bollywood dancing from India and Capoeira from Brazil. One of our local talent to perform are A3, the street-dance group consisting of three brothers of Zimbabwean heritage lead by Arnold Matsena. A3 became a national phenomenon in 2010 when the group became finalists in Britain’s Got Talent. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to witness cultural harmony that some said will never flourish and succeed.

08 May 2012

Newly Elected Councillors

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Swansea Bay REC would like to extend its congratulations to two newly elected members of local authorities in our area. Councillor Saifur Rahman has been elected from Port Talbot Ward of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and Councillor Pearleen Sangha was elected from Uplands Ward of City & County of Swansea.

Saifur Rahman has been on the Executive Committee of SBREC for a number of years, whilst Pearleen Sangha joined the Executive Committee last year.

We wish them well for the next 4 years (and beyond) whilst they endeavour to fulfil their electorates’ dreams about council services as well as representing their electorates in all spheres of life. We have every confidence that these two will do their utmost for their electorates in the years to come.

22 Aug 2011

WORLD PARTY 27 August 2011

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We would like to remind all our supporters about the World Party Event taking place between 12 noon and 6pm on Saturday 27 August 2011 at the Museum Park in Swansea.

World Party returns to the grounds of the National Waterfront Museum celebrating Swansea’s multicultural make up with a mix of sounds, tastes and cultures from around the world, all in one place.

With an excellent live music stage featuring artists and dancers from local and international communities, marquees, workshops, cooking demonstrations and tasters – this is one party not to be missed! Best of all World Party is a FREE EVENT.

Confirmed Acts:

H-Dhami – Hounslow singer whose first single ‘Sadke Java’ was a summer hit in 2007 and was later voted ‘Best Video’ by ZEE TV viewers, while his debut album reached no.1 in the asian charts.

The Porter Boys – An Irish group that boast superb harmony vocals along with guitar, banjo, fiddle and penny whistle.

Ponchartrain – American country band guaranteed to get your toes tapping with a dobro, fiddle/accordion, guiitar and double bass topped with excellent vocals.

The World Party Event is presented by City and County of Swansea, in partnership with Tata Steel, Swansea Bay REC and numerous other community and voluntary sector organisations in order to showcase the cultural diversity that exists in the area. It will consist of world music, delicious foods and traditional crafts. A number of free workshops will be held inside National Waterfront Museum by over 12 communities represented.

This is an annual not-to-be-missed event. We hope to see every one of you there on the day.

More info at: http://www.swanseabayfestival.com/worldparty

12 Aug 2011

Celebrating the World of Swansea

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27th August 2011 sees the return of the World Part Event to Museum Green (opposite National Waterfront Museum) in Swansea. This is an all day spectacular held every year honouring the multi-ethnic communities living and working in the City and County of Swansea. The event will be held between 12 noon and 6pm.

The event has been made possible because of a good partnership effort between the various ethnic minority communities of Swansea including lead been provided by City and County of Swansea and Swansea Bay REC.

You can expect to see local artists performing on a stage alongside some of the established professional performers. You can jiggle to a performance of African drums followed by Bollywood dancing or listen to the classical tones of a local Swansea University performing group. But the big name this year to enthrall the crowds is Hartinder Dhami, an internationally known Bhangra artist known for his innovative Bhangra representations. H Dhami is a young and fresh bhangra artist with an international fan base already rocking to his tunes. Dhami’s father is the legendary Palvinder Dhami from the Bhangra band Heera. H Dhami has been performing on stage from the age of six alongside his already popular and well known father.

Alongside this will be marquees holding demonstrations with an international flavour including two of the Celtic nation states i.e. Wales and Ireland. There will be representations from the African, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian and Thai communities amongst others. The Arab and Muslim communities of Swansea will be making an extra special effort as it is the month of Ramadan for them and therefore their participation will be whilst they are observing a complete fast during sunlight hours.

City and County of Swansea and Swansea Bay REC would like to invite everyone to witness this special extravaganza and see for themselves how a cohesive community should live and work together.

05 Mar 2011

Welsh Referendum 2011

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On Friday, 4th March 2011, the Welsh electorate has given a resounding ‘Yes’ to a referendum which asked them whether the devolved Welsh Assembly Government should have primary law making powers in the 20 major areas of devolved responsibility. These policy areas, such as health, education, the environment and transport, are where currently any laws which affect Wales have to be rubber-stamped by the MPs in the House of Commons before it becomes law. Whilst the referendum took place on Thursday 3rd March 2011, the results were announced on Friday.

Supporters for a ‘Yes’ campaign, which included all the major political parties in Wales, have felt that the extra step of MPs’ approval has been an unnecessary burden. The ‘No’ campaigners have on the other hand felt that there was a need for a second house to verify any laws passed in Wales before they are applied to Wales. It has become apparent throughout the period of canvassing that the ‘No’ campaigners have sought to question the capability of the devolved government in respect of governing itself.

National Assembly for Wales was formed after a major referendum in 1997 which asked the people of Wales whether there should be a publicly elected body in Wales which should look after Welsh affairs exclusively under the guidance of central government in London. At the time 50.3% of the people of Wales narrowly voted ‘Yes’ and 49.7% voted ‘No’ to the proposal.The turnout for the 1997 referendum was 50.1%.

The 2011 referendum saw a dramatic drop in the turnout of voters, down to 35.4% of all voters. Political commentators are pointing to the fact that this low turnout is as a result of voter apathy and ought to be addressed by the politicians. A county-by-county analysis is given below for the 2011 referendum:


  1. Authority

  2. Blaenau Gwent
  1. Yes votes

  2. 11,869
  1. % Yes

  2. 68.9
  1. No votes

  2. 5,366
  1. % No

  2. 31.1
  1. Turnout

  2. 32%
  1. Bridgend
  1. 25,063
  1. 68.1
  1. 11,736
  1. 31.9
  1. 35.4%
  1. Caerphilly
  1. 28,431
  1. 64.3
  1. 15,751
  1. 35.7
  1. 34.5%
  1. Cardiff
  1. 53,427
  1. 61.4
  1. 33,606
  1. 38.6
  1. 34.9%
  1. Carmarthenshire
  1. 42,979
  1. 70.8
  1. 17,712
  1. 29.2
  1. 44%
  1. Ceredigion
  1. 16,505
  1. 66.2
  1. 8,412
  1. 33.8
  1. 43.8%
  1. Conwy
  1. 18,368
  1. 59.7
  1. 12,390
  1. 40.3
  1. 33.5%
  1. Denbighshire
  1. 15,793
  1. 61.8
  1. 9,742
  1. 38.2
  1. 34.1%
  1. Flintshire
  1. 21,119
  1. 62.1
  1. 12,913
  1. 37.9
  1. 29.2%
  1. Gwynedd
  1. 28,200
  1. 76
  1. 8,891
  1. 24
  1. 43.1%
  1. Merthyr Tydfil
  1. 9,136
  1. 68.9
  1. 4,132
  1. 31.1
  1. 30.2%
  1. Monmouthshire
  1. 12,381
  1. 49.4
  1. 12,701
  1. 50.6
  1. 35.4%
  1. Neath Port Talbot
  1. 29,957
  1. 73
  1. 11,079
  1. 27
  1. 37.6%
  1. Newport
  1. 15,983
  1. 54.8
  1. 13,204
  1. 45.2
  1. 27.8%
  1. Pembrokeshire
  1. 19,600
  1. 55
  1. 16,050
  1. 45
  1. 38.3%
  1. Powys
  1. 21,072
  1. 51.6
  1. 19,730
  1. 48.4
  1. 39.7%
  1. Rhondda Cynon Taf
  1. 43,051
  1. 70.7
  1. 17,834
  1. 29.3
  1. 34.4%
  1. Swansea
  1. 38,496
  1. 63.2
  1. 22,409
  1. 36.8
  1. 32.8%
  1. Torfaen
  1. 14,655
  1. 62.8
  1. 8,688
  1. 37.2
  1. 33.4%
  1. Vale of Glamorgan
  1. 19,430
  1. 52.5
  1. 17,551
  1. 47.5
  1. 39.7%
  1. Wrexham
  1. 17,606
  1. 64.1
  1. 9,863
  1. 35.9
  1. 26.8%
  1. Isle of Anglesey
  1. 14,011
  1. 64.8
  1. 7,620
  1. 35.2
  1. 43.5%



09 Feb 2011


2 Comments Welcome

Hello and welcome to the newly refurbished pages of Swansea Bay REC. As you look at these pages, please bear in mind that the organisation, which was set up in 1983 and has continued to work towards racial justice for all these years, will be undergoing substantial changes in the course of the next few months. All the information provided on this site corresponds to our local situation and its implications on equality. We have of course seen a number of attempts, in recent years, by far right wing organisations to impose their will on the people of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot. Each time their attempts have been unsuccessful.

We have recently learnt about leafleting by an organisation in the Gorseinon area of Swansea, which is quoted as having been distasteful, by some residents who had received the leaflet. We keep emphasizing the need to be vigilant of extremist views wherever they might perpetuate a feeling of unease. As we approach the local authority elections in May 2011 we will see a lot more activities by far right wing organisations. Most of them will try to attempt to persuade you that they are just looking after YOUR interests. Please look at each and every opinion with objectivity and with the correct information to hand. Often you will find that the ‘illusion behind the reality is an illusion itself’ which is a very apt quote that we picked up from an unknown source. Enjoy your visit to this site, but more so than that please take away information on local needs, aspirations and realities.

Taha Idris, OBE, JP
Chief Executive