Following on from the success of the last session that we ran at SBREC, we are pleased to announce that self defence workshops will now become a regular feature at SBREC once a month, commencing 26th October 2016.

Given the rise in Islamophobic rhetoric and, sometimes verbal and physical attacks, our clients have encountered especially in recent months, Swansea Bay REC has partnered with a local self-defense trainer, M Ali Akbor to provide a workshop of practical advice and training on how to protect yourself against attacks which may from time to time happen.

The sessions will be targeted separately for men and women at our premises in Swansea.

Said the Chief Executive, Taha Idris, “this is just another example of Swansea Bay REC rising to the challenge of providing practical support to those in our communities who feel vulnerable and need the confidence to get out of difficult situations without becoming part of the problem themselves”.

If you are interested in taking part in the sessions please contact SBREC staff by telephone on 01792 457035 or email: Please bear in mind that places will be limited so book it as early as possible.