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Application for Individual Membership or Associate Membership of the SBREC

SBREC’s aims are to work for you, the individual or organisations in the Swansea Bay area. We cannot do that without express guidance and support from individuals and organisations becoming active signed-up members. You can apply to become a member of SBREC by completing this form. Members have a say in the strategic direction of the organisation and can vote at our half yearly and Annual General Meetings.

You, as members, also have the right to select who is elected to our Executive Committee.


Important note:
We will treat all information provided by you on this form in the strictest of confidence and will not divulge anything to anyone without your express permission.

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Individual Member

As an individual voting member of the Council (on the understanding that if my application cannot be accepted) because the number or proportion of Individual members has reached the limit may be offered Associate Membership.

Associate Member

As an Associate Member living outside the Council’s area of benefit, not being a Member or Associate Member of any other REC.

I shall uphold and abide by: “Memorandum and Articles of Association” of the Swansea Bay Regional Equality Council.
I fully subscribe to the object of the SBREC, as set out in Clause 3 of the “Memorandum and Articles of Association” and I wish to contribute actively to their achievement and to the fulfilment of the functions set out in Clause3;
I understand and accept the responsibilities which fall on Members / Associate Members.

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