Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the heinous attack on young children and others who were at the Manchester Arena last night. It must be regarded as a black day in the UK as dozens of people have been targeted to the vile philosophy that the attackers possessed. We must all be united in condemning this killing and maiming of innocent young people, in every way we can express it.

No one expects to lose someone close to them in such a manner but clearly this has happened and has affected the whole nation. We must realise that anyone who contemplates such horrible acts cannot be acting under life philosophies that we, as common human beings, strive to live through.

People of Manchester and those who have lost a loved one – the whole of Britain and beyond stands with you in mourning!

Britain is a resilient nation and we will rise from this attack on us all, even stronger as a nation. An attack to kill or injure even one person in the Arena last night was an attack on the whole of mankind.