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Manchester Terror Attack

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the heinous attack on young children and others who were at the Manchester Arena last night. It must be regarded as a black day in the UK as dozens of people have been targeted to the vile philosophy that the attackers...

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The Passing Away of a Welsh Legend, Rhodri Morgan

It is with sadness that we learnt about the unexpected death of former First Minister of Wales, Hywel Rhodri Morgan. Rhodri Morgan, as he is commonly known, had been the Welsh Assembly Member for Cardiff West and the First Minister for Wales from 1999 until 2011. He...

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Police Recruitment Opportunity

  South Wales Police are currently seeking suitable candidates for their CKP (Certificate of Knowledge in Policing) course which is scheduled to start during June 2017. This qualification is currently an essential requirement for anyone wishing to apply to South Wales...

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Magistracy Recruitment Campaign 2017

Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal Service has just launched a campaign to recruit Magistrates in 2016/17. It is a wonderful opportunity for people from different walks of life to bring their life experiences to Magistrates Benches across Wales. "Magistracy is a...

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Self Defence Workshops at SBREC

Following on from the success of the last session that we ran at SBREC, we are pleased to announce that self defence workshops will now become a regular feature at SBREC once a month, commencing 26th October 2016. Given the rise in Islamophobic rhetoric and, sometimes...

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Islamaphobia Self-defense Workshops

Given the rise in Islamophobic rhetoric and, sometimes verbal and physical attacks, our clients have encountered especially in recent months, Swansea Bay REC has partnered with a local self-defense trainer, M Ali Akbor to provide a workshop of practical advice and...

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National Volunteers’ Week 2016

1st – 12th June 2016 marked this year’s National Volunteers Week. The annual celebration of the day was held on Friday 3rd June, hosted by the Lord Mayor of Swansea at the Swansea Bay REC offices where volunteers were thanked for their immense contribution tot he work...

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Life After the EU Referendum

PRESS RELEASE “Stand together in ensuring that vulnerable people in our communities feel safe and secure.” Swansea Bay Regional Equality Council Local people who have been subjected to racist abuse since the outcome of last Thursday’s referendum have been talking to...

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Another Achievement for an SBREC Employee

The VQ Awards recognise and celebrate individuals and employers who have achieved notable success thanks to technical, practical and vocational qualifications. The VQ Awards (7 June) and VQ Day (8 June) raise the status of technical, practical and vocational...

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