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JETS Project

JETS project at Swansea Bay Regional Equality offering employment and training service for individuals from the Black Minority Ethnic (BME) communities.

JETS’ aim is to overcome barriers to employment and training. Assisting people into employment is very challenging as there are many barriers to overcome.  Firstly we are working with clients from deprived areas like Castle ward of Swansea, who are faced with issues such as poor housing, low educational attainments and high rates of unemployment. Once the client is engaged onto the programme, it takes a couple of sessions just to explain to them about work settings, motivational skills and how to adapt to the working environment.

Case Study

Client Profile:
Name: Mr X
Age: 24 years
Employment Status: Unemployed at the time of contact

Mr X was registered with us over 6 months ago in order to get help with employment. He was unemployed for several months. He was helping out at the family business on a voluntary basis for a long time and was eager to find paid employment. He felt uneasy about registering for Job-Seekers’ allowance as this was culturally considered to be a taboo.  Mr X, like many of our other clients, lacked experience and had low self-confidence making it difficult to secure a job in his chosen area of employment. This made our work challenging as we needed to overcome these barriers with the client. We have been able to achieve this by working with the client closely on a one-2-one basis.

Our employment project facilitated:

  • CV Preparation
  • Personal Statements
  • Interview Skills
  • Individual Action Plans
  • Job Application Forms
  • Mentoring
  • Confidence Building

After numerous job searches, Mr X was provided help in making applications for a number of jobs. Finally, in November 2010, Mr X was given help and assistance to apply to a local firm for the post of Office Administrator. This post consisted of a long term contract and we are pleased to say that, having received our help, Mr X has been recruited. Mr X was very complimentary about the service that he received from SBREC, ‘What you are doing is giving people like me hope for now and for the future’, said a delighted Mr X.

Employment Advisors – Twahida Ali & Tazud Miah at Swansea Bay REC

Please note that this project has now concluded however some aspects of the projects have been incorporated in our normal day-to-day activities. If you are interested in any aspects of the project please contact the administration team at SBREC to find out more.

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