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12 Mar 2014

Dylan Thomas Centenary

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Swansea appears to be buzzing with words of Dylan Thomas, Swansea’s internationally acclaimed and prominent poet.

As part of the Centenary celebrations a number of initiatives are underway. Here at SBREC, our Engagement Gateway staff have joined forces with Waterfront Museum to deliver benefits to their clients and at the same time celebrate the Centenary.  Funding for the Engagement Gateway project is derived from European Social Funds via Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA). Its aim is to help people from black and minority ethnic communities gain confidence and the necessary skills to compete in the jobs market.

_MTI5982-WebA Community artist, Rhiannon Morgan, has been delivering a series of art based workshops, the product of which will be on display at the Waterfront Museum as part of the Centenary celebrations.  In this picture we present a small sample of the items that have so far been produced. The theme is a tea party. All items have been ‘cooked’ using cloth materials. This is a fine example of how creativity can be expressed using unusual methods and materials. The project has helped develop confidence in  women from BME backgrounds who participated in the workshop sessions.

If you are from an ethnic minority background and if you feel you need some help and support in entering the field of employment please contact a member of staff at SBREC on 01792 457035.






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12 Dec 2011

Archbishop of Canterbury’s Praise for an Immigrant

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams has spoken of his appreciation for an immigrant who helped save his life when the Archbishop was young.

Speaking on a BBC programme, Dr Williams spoke about when he was daignosed with a rare form of meningitis when he lived in Ystradgynlais in 1952. He was then treated by a Polish GP, Dr Wlodzimierz Boldaz. Rowan Williams has taken the step to convey his thanks to Dr Boldaz who is now 101 years young. Dr Williams spoke about his illness which was not being taken seriously by anyone except Dr Boldaz. ” I always remember the name Wlodzimierz Boldaz, as I owe my life to him”, said Dr Williams. Dr Boldaz’ story unfolded on a  BBC documentary which spoke about his involvement in the Polish resistance during the Second World War.

A Hero at home is still a Hero at his adopted home then …

11 Mar 2011

Japan – Disaster Strikes Twice

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At 05:46 hours GMT (14:46 Japanese Local Time), an earthquake measuring an earth shattering 8.9R hit the north east of Japan.  Immediately following the earthquake a massive wall of water, up to 33 feet high, started sweeping everything in its way from coastal areas because of a Tsunami which developed following the earthquake.

This is regarded as the most powerful earthquake in Japan’s living memory, since records began.

There are numerous incomplete reports on the number of casualties. It is known to be at least 350 dead and hundreds missing. It is expected that in total around 1000 people would have lost their lives once the full extent of the disaster is known. The combination of factors in this natural disaster scenario has meant that an emergency has been declared at the Fukushima power plant. This happened as a result of failure of the cooling system in one of its reactors when it shut down automatically because of the earthquake.

Our thoughts are with the people of Japan wherever they may be.  Let us hope that the devastation which has already occurred is the end of the tsunami as reports suggest that many Pacific islands are bracing themselves to encounter the tsunami in the near future.

25 Feb 2011

New Zealand Earthquake

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On Tuesday 22nd February 2011, Christchurch in New Zealand suffered a massive earthquake measuring over 6 Richter scale. This is New Zealand’s deadliest earthquake for 80 years. Current reports suggest that the death toll is confirmed to be 113 people so far with many trapped in buildings that have been demolished from the tremors. There are currently around 200 people unaccounted for.

New Zealand is about the size of Wales in terms of population and physical geography. Wales has had very good ties with the country. Our thoughts are with the people of New Zealand on a tragic occasion. The current Welsh rugby national coach, Warren Gatland, hails from New Zealand where he was part of the All Blacks team for many years.