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02 Jan 2014

Happy New Year 2014

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Swansea Bay REC would like to wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all our patrons.

2013 was a year in which we achieved a lot in terms of how we behave towards each other. A positive outlook on life benefits everyone and we saw this attitude prevalent in most places that we visited. Let us try and continue to build a society which is free from harassment, bullying, intimidation, violence and discrimination especially if it is based on the ability/disability, race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation of a person.

Let 2014 be the year which gets noted for the value that we place on people and our interaction with people regardless of any of their physical traits which has placed them away from society. Each one of us needs help at some time or another and the New Year is a time to think positively about someone else who may need our help, support and encouragement.

30 Jul 2013

Community Voice – A Big Lottery Fund Initiative

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Swansea Bay REC’s lead, in partnership with Ethnic Youth Support Team and African Community Centre, to tackle health inequalities through a Big Lottery Fund project has started to generate activities which is hoped to have a lasting impact.

This latest project has been masterminded by Swansea Council for Voluntary Services in combining a number of individual and consortia bids for the Big Lottery Fund’s Community Voices initiative. SBREC and its two partners are aiming to tackle black and minority ethnic communities’ section of our population in Swansea. The project is due to actively commence very shortly and the SBREC partnership is advertising to fill certain posts with people who will carry through this 3 year project. Please see the link below for information on the vacancies.

23 May 2013

Woolwich Machete Attack

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We are appalled to have witnessed the murder of an innocent man in Woolwich last night. Said Taha Idris, the Chief Executive of Swansea Bay REC, “Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the victim. It is an appalling act that we do not expect to see on our streets in the UK and I wish to join millions of other people who condemn this act in the strongest terms.”

It has now transpired that the victim, a man in his twenties, was a serving member of the armed forces. According to witnesses accounts he is believed to have been hit by a car in a busy area of Woolwich outside the army barracks. He was then subjected to an attack by two men possessing various weapons including a machete and a handgun.  Two men are believed to have been shot at the scene by the armed response unit from Metropolitan Police. They are now under arrest in a London hospital.

Following the incident there have been, what is believed to be racist attacks on mosques, one in Gillingham and one in Essex.

Mr Idris has appealed for people to be on the look out to discourage rogue elements of society from embarking on a journey of repercussions against innocent people. “This is one of those times when we have to show the strength of our mutual trust that we have generated over the years in our area”, he said.


15 May 2013

Measles Outbreak

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Following recent outbreak of measles which has affected a number of individuals especially children in the Swansea area.  We have received important information from the department of Public Health.  We felt it important to pass on this information to you, our readers. Please click on one of the links below which will take you to the document containing all the information on the subject. It is important to note that measles is most likely to affect anyone under the age of 45 if they have not been immunized.


Measles information (word document version .doc)
Measles_information (PDF document version .pdf)

16 Nov 2012

A Little Help from Job Centre Plus

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Department for Work and Pensions have announced that on 19 November 2012, they will launch ‘Universal Jobmatch’ – a new, free* online job posting and matching service.

This new online service will improve their recruitment service for both companies and jobseekers by speeding up the recruitment process, making it quicker and easier for companies to find suitable jobseekers.

Anyone looking for work will be able to set up an account, and create a CV or upload CVs they already have. The new technology will automatically match their CVs and skills to suitable jobs that are posted by companies on the new service.

From 19 November, companies will need to post all their jobs online using Universal Jobmatch, as it is replacing the current Jobcentre Plus vacancy services – Employer Direct, Employer Direct Online and Job Warehouse.

After posting a job, companies will receive a list of suitable jobseekers, ranked by best match first. They can then select the jobseekers they want to apply and invite them to apply online.

Universal Jobmatch will be accessed via GOV.UK which is replacing Businesslink, Business Gateway in Scotland, and Business Wales, and also replaces Directgov for jobseekers.  It will be available in Welsh and English.

Please see their frequently asked questions for more information

11 Sep 2012

English Language Courses (ESOL)

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The Workers Education Association (WEA) has received a major funding boost from the Home Office and European Funds in order for them to provide English language classes in the Swansea Bay area. They are now looking for suitable individuals who can develop their work in coordinating activities for the classes to commence forthwith. Said Elaine Topping, the area Coordinator for WEA, “We are looking for Development Workers for the European funded Regional Essential Skills Project and the Home Office funded ‘English skills for Integration and Learning’ project”. Salaries will be in the region of £21,719 to £27,112. Anyone interested should email WEA directly at or telephone WEA’s regional offices.

 The new project workers will supplement WEA’s capacity to offer even more English language classes in the area. Currently WEA works in close partnership with Swansea Bay REC to deliver a variety of courses, both at SBREC’s premises in Grove House, Swansea as well as WEA’s own premises in Orchard Street and other community venues.

Swansea Bay REC’s Chief Executive, Taha Idris, OBE has been complementary about the partnership that has achieved so much in the past. He has repeated called for the extension of English language provision in order to enable people to positively contribute to the society that they have made their home. SBREC are due to restart all their courses in partnership with WEA very shortly. He asked for members of the communities to contact SBREC offices (Tel: 01792 457035) as soon as possible to ensure that they can be placed on one of the courses.

16 Aug 2012

A Ramadan Breaking of Fast Event at Swansea University

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Muslims in the South West Wales region who commenced the blessed month of Ramadan on 20th July are now gearing up to the end of the month on or around Friday 17th or Saturday 18th August 2012.

Kim Collis Esq, the County Archivist at Swansea University Mosque

Ramadan is one of the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. It is a month when most people who follow the religion, and who are old enough, fast during daylight hours. This is a complete fast which includes abstaining from food, drinks and smoking.

The Swansea University Mosque Management Committee opened their doors to members of every community in Swansea in order to create an environment of sharing during the breaking of fast event. During this event, people who fast from dawn to dusk come together in a wonderful social environment to break their fasts with dates, milk and fruit juice. After the evening prayer, they have a meal together.  The fast allows Muslims to empathise with those who are less fortunate and to concentrate their minds on their spiritual selves; the social eating after breaking of the fast allows them to appreciate what they have and to build better relationships with one another.

One such event was attended by Swansea Councillors Mitchell Theaker, Andrew Jones, Geraint Owens and Pearleen Sangha as well as the County Archivist Mr Kim Collis, PC Chris Noblett and former Councillor Stuart Rice.

In order to experience a day of fast, Mr Rice had successfully fasted the whole day and Mr Collis had fasted almost entirely for the day. They spoke, to the gathered audience after breaking their fasts, about their experience of fasting. They complemented the community on the psychological effort that is required for people to have completed their fasts over the past few weeks.

12 Jul 2012

Swansea Bay REC’s Annual General Meeting

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Swansea Bay REC held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 11th July 2012 at Swansea University’s Council Chambers. At the AGM, members had the opportunity to elect the organisation’s Chair, Vice Chair and members to serve on the Executive Committee.

Mrs Angella Gullam, RGN from Neath was elected Chair for the second year. Mr Nick Tregoning was elected as the Vice Chair for the ensuing year. Newly elected members of the Executive Committee included Mrs Aisha Rasul Iftikhar (pictured below) as well as Mr Arjan Ali, Dr Minkesh Sood, Mrs Amy Moore and Mr Nick Tregoning (the four pictured right).
The meeting was attended by the general members with special guests including Deputy Lord Mayor of Swansea, Cllr June Stanton & Deputy Mayoress, Mayor of Neath Port Talbot, Cllr Martyn Peters, Vice Chancellor of Swansea University, Professor Richard Davies, Police Commander Superintendent Joe Ruddy and Swansea Fire Service Chief Richie Webborn.


12 Jul 2012

Law changes possible on wearing of religious symbols at work

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The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron has recently said during the Prime Minister’s Question Time that he may consider bringing in laws protecting the rights of people to wear religious symbols whilst they are at work.

Issues have arisen out of the 2006 case of Nadia Eweida (pictured right), a British Airways employee who was sent home because British Airways felt that her wearing of a cross was in violation of their dress code. Eweida took her case to the Employment Tribunal, the Employment Appeals Tribunal and then to the Court of Appeal in 2010, all of whom upheld the employers action. British Airways have since changed their policy on dress code to accommodate the wearing of religious symbols.

She has now taken her case to the European Court of Human Rights seeking justice. She is joined in her fight by a former NHS worker, Shirley Chaplin from the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospitals NHS Trust.  Chaplin had been told that her wearing of a crucifix was in breach of the NHS codes on wearing of necklaces in hospitals on safety grounds.

The Prime Minister’ comments seem to suggest that regardless of the results of the European Court’s ruling, workers will be able to wear articles of religious significance in workplaces, should the law be  changed to accommodate this.

10 May 2012

SBREC Receives Equality & Diversity Award

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Bonymaen Community Partnership held its AGM and Awards Evening on 9th May 2012 at Cefn Hengoed Comprehensive School in Swansea. As part of the event, The Deputy Lord Mayor of the City and County of Swansea Councillor Dennis James presented Community Champions Certificates to acknowledge the hard work and achievements by individuals and organisations for the benefit of the Bonymaen community. Swansea Bay Regional Equality Council was recognised for helping mainstream equality and diversity in Bonymaen. Chief Executive of Swansea Bay REC, Taha Idris, OBE, JP received the Equality & Diversity Award on behalf of the organisation.

There were a number of other dignitaries from School Governors to Community Group Leaders as well as key Community Volunteers present at the Ceremony. There were performances from the school Choir, Drummers, Soloists as well as Bonymaen’s very own ‘Only Women Aloud’ Ladies Choir.