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Back to the Future 20-10” is an intergenerational project that enables two generations to come together through digital technology.  The project has lots of different equipment that the participants can learn to use; such as digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, net books, computers, mp3 players, video camcorders etc

It also breaks down barriers between younger and older people generating a positive impact on health especially for the older people.  Participants experience a sense of belonging in a safe and culturally sensitive environment.

For the younger people, the engagement allows them to develop their interpersonal skills, enhance their CV and gain a better understanding of the older community.

‘Back to the Future 20-10’ targets people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and addresses the needs of socially excluded and hard to reach groups by engaging them in activities which they normally do not participate in.

Case Study Mr X

A 52- year old Pakistani person who had recently come from his home country and lost all his self-confidence. He felt depressed because of personal issues.  He was then introduced to Swansea Bay Regional Equality Council by a friend for English classes and other training courses that was provided, to improve his English, computing skills and to interact with people.

Mr X was enrolled on the Back to the Future20-10” Project and within a few weeks there was a dramatic change in his behaviour.  He had got along with the volunteers extremely well and was a lot more confident in using a mobile phone and a digital camera.  Before he started the course, Mr X didn’t know how to switch on a computer. In one of our sessions, we went on a day out to the museum and the art gallery. One of the younger volunteers demonstrated to the older clients how to take pictures with a camera and Mr X was comfortable using it and this helped with the barrier he had created within himself.

At the end of the 6 weeks, Mr X had become much more confident and his English language skills had improved greatly. His perception of younger people has changed for the better. If you know of someone who can benefit from this great project whether you want to volunteer and improve your CV or even if you want to learn how to use different bits of technology or know someone who may benefit from the project, we want to hear from you!! Workshops and events can be arranged to suit your needs, so if there is a group of you that is interested in taking part in a community venue of your choice, we will cater for your needs.

Please contact the administration team at Swansea Bay REC for further details of the project.

Please note that this project has now concluded however  some aspects of this project continues in other work that we are currently doing at SBREC

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