What is SBREC?

What is SBREC?

Swansea Bay Regional Equality Council (SBREC) is proud to declare its successful track record in the field of social justice over a period of longer than 30 years as an organisation.

SBREC is a voluntary organisation, and a registered charity primarily serving the areas of Swansea. The organisation has also gained the status of a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2010.

SBREC has been around since 1983, firstly as the now erstwhile West Glamorgan Community Relations Council and then changing its name to Swansea Bay Racial Equality Council in 1995.

Until recently Swansea Bay REC’s mandate was to look after issues concerned with racial discrimination. However, in 2010 the membership of the organisation decided that it was the right time and environment whereby the organisation should tackle all forms of discrimination.

Following the decision of the Council’s members the organisation set about to ensure that it had the capability to handle all mandates of equality and in July 2011 it finally felt able to do so. The membership of the organisation are very keen to ensure that our work supplements that of many other worthwhile organisations dealing with other mandates of equality such as disability. It is for this reason that the decision was made to carry out any work on the six mandates of equality in consultation with existing organisations and thus create the synergy so much needed and desired in a tough economic climate.

The broad objectives of the organisation are to work towards the elimination of discrimination, promotion of equality of opportunity and good relations between persons possessing distinct protected characteristics. Its mission is to work for a just society which gives everyone an equal chance to learn, work and live free from the fear of discrimination, harassment and violence.  The council provides a crucial service be promoting equality, and enhancing good relations by bringing all communities together.  It supports victims of discrimination and harassment.

The council is core funded by the City and County of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council. Currently the council is in receipt of funding for various projects from the Welsh European Funding Office, Welsh Council for Voluntary Action and the Big Lottery Fund.

Why does the Equality Council exist?

Racial/religious/disability/gender based and other forms of discrimination, injustice, harassment, and even violent attacks, are daily experiences for many people from communities possessing those characteristics.

Discrimination can occur in many different ways.  It may be in a direct refusal to give someone a job, or accommodation, or a place on a college course, just because of their characteristics. Discrimination may sometimes be indirect whereby a condition is created which inhibits someone obtaining a  job or a service or it may be related to victimisation whereby anyone who speaks out against discrimination suffers from harassment and abuse.

This Equality Council is concerned however, about anyone who may have experienced discrimination whatever his or her background.

Swansea Bay REC is the only organisation in the area which, in collaboration with different statutory and voluntary sector bodies, assists in enforcing equality legislation.

What do we do?

The council produces an annual work programme, which covers the council’s 12 months work in the field of policy development public education, community development and supporting the victims of  discrimination and harassment.  Swansea Bay REC takes into consideration the local priorities and national priorities on equality matters. 60% of our time is devoted to the work programme and the other 40% deals with day-to-day issues, meetings and conferences.

SBREC’s activities cover education, employment, equality awareness, housing, health, social services, community development, criminal justice system, and the way in which goods and services are provided to the public. We help other agencies take action on harassment and attacks.  Anyone who suffers discrimination has the right to take legal action in a court or industrial tribunal. The Council can provide help to complainants directly in employment cases, and in other cases it can put them in touch with other agencies.


The present membership consists of representatives from the two local authorities in the area, voluntary organisations, retail traders, ethnic minority organisations and other individuals who agree with the aims and objectives of the council.


The Council meets twice a year; on one of these occassions members of the Council form an Executive Committee consisting of 12 elected members, 4 local authorities nominees, and two co-opted persons. The Executive Committee meets six times a year and directs it’s staff to implement its policy and work programme.


Our key partners are the two local authorities however an indication of our good relations in the area can be seen from a very inexaustive list of partners.

How we can help you?

We can Help you if:

  • You want advice and information about discrimination, equal opportunities, or the work of the Council
  • You think you have been discriminated against or want to report an incident and need expert and unbiased advice
  • You have been attacked, harassed or abused and want to know who can best advise you
  • We also provide accredited training to organisations wishing to enable their employees to learn about all six mandates of equality, cultural diversity and race relations

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