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02 Jan 2014

Happy New Year 2014

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Swansea Bay REC would like to wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all our patrons.

2013 was a year in which we achieved a lot in terms of how we behave towards each other. A positive outlook on life benefits everyone and we saw this attitude prevalent in most places that we visited. Let us try and continue to build a society which is free from harassment, bullying, intimidation, violence and discrimination especially if it is based on the ability/disability, race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation of a person.

Let 2014 be the year which gets noted for the value that we place on people and our interaction with people regardless of any of their physical traits which has placed them away from society. Each one of us needs help at some time or another and the New Year is a time to think positively about someone else who may need our help, support and encouragement.