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24 Jan 2012

Police Community Support Officer Recruitment

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Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) are at the very heart of our communities. They tend to work with local people at a grassroots level with a remit to support operational policing. Their very presence in the neighbourhoods provides reassurance to members of the public and the communities at large.

South Wales Police (SWP) have recently announced that they intend to recruit some PCSOs to supplement policing in our neighbourhoods (PCSO Recruitment). It is pleasing to see that this recruitment drive is being supplemented by some  positive action by the South Wales Police’ Positive Action Officer, Mrs Uzo Iwobi, OBE. She has undertaken to provide support and guidance to members of our communities at a forthcoming event. In this respect she has organised a familiarisation session which is being held on Friday 27th January between 10:30am and 12:30pm at the Pontardawe Arts Centre, Herbert Street, Pontardawe SA8 4ED.

Spaces are limited so if you would like to reserve a space please contact Rhys Thomas on 07805 301532 in the first instance.

06 Jan 2012

Queen’s Police Medal for Chief Superintendent Mark Mathias

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Chief Superintendent Mark Mathias, the Divisional Police Commander for Swansea and Neath Port Talbot has been awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in the New Years Honours List 2012.

Mark Mathias started life in South Wales Police in 1980 as a Police Cadet enrolling to become a full Constable, working in the Swansea area, in 1982. He progressed on to become a Sergeant, Inspector and finally a Chief Inspector in 1997.  Mark then transferred to Police Headquarters on promotion as  a Superintendent in 2002.  He rose to the rank of Chief Superintendent and posted to Swansea Division, a role which was later expanded to cover the political boundaries of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot .

It was evident from his very early career that Mark was destined to bigger and better things within the Police Service. He spent most of this time as a detective responsible for investigating some of the key cases in the area. He also spent some of his career as the person responsible for change management at Police Headquarters whilst he was a Superintendent. During his time at Police Headquarters, he became responsible for changes that were brought about to streamline the communications set-up that South Wales Police currently use. Mark is very much noted for his no-nonsense practical attitude to some of the key crime and disorder  issues facing the Swansea Bay area.

Swansea Bay REC’s Chief Executive, Mr Taha Idris, OBE, JP, who has known Mark since his days as a Detective in Swansea complemented him for having been awarded the honours.  He said, “the QPM could not have gone to a more deserving serving Senior Police Officer than Mark. I am pleased for him as he has served our communities so well during his four years of being at the helm of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot Police under some of the most difficult circumstances faced by the Police Service”.

04 Jan 2012

Killers of Stephen Lawrence get life sentences

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Stephen Lawrence’s killers, who were yesterday convicted of the racist murder, have been given life sentences. The pair will now serve a minimum of 15 and 14 years respectively.

Constrained by laws in this matter, Mr Justice Treacy, in announcing his judgement, clarified that he would have considered higher minimum sentences because of the nature of the vile murder, however the sentences reflect the fact that both defendants were juveniles when they committed the offence. Consequently, Dobson will now serve a minimum of 15 years and Norris will serve a minimum of 14 years.  Two previous failed attempts to convict the pair has now been righted because of new evidence made possible by advances in forensic science. It relates to blood stains found on Dobson’s jacket and a single piece of hair belonging to Stephen Lawrence which was found on Norris’ jeans.

The trial and subsequent conviction brings a closure to one of the most hotly debated racist murders of the twentieth century. Swansea Bay REC would like to pay respects to all who campaigned so hard to bring this result. Swansea Bay REC would also like to think that the unfortunate victim of such racial hatred has left a lasting legacy which has brought about sea-changes in the attitudes of UK public sector. Everyone now knows what Institutional Racism relates to.

03 Jan 2012

A final outcome for the family of Stephen Lawrence

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The most well known racist murder of the last Century has finally seen closure for the family of  Stephen Lawrence, a black teenager, who was stabbed to death in 1993. There then followed a number of Police bungles which allowed the killers to remain free for the past 18 years. Stephen Lawrence’s parents, Doreen and Neville, who were both present when the verdict was delivered, wept in court as the verdict of the racist murder was delivered.

Today a jury at the Old Bailey finally delivered their verdict to find Gary Dobson and David Norris guilty of the racist murder. The retrial of the pair was supported this time by forensic evidence of tiny specks of blood found on the clothing recovered from them at the time, in 1993.

Stephen Lawrence’s murder created a sea change in the attitudes within public services after Sir William McPherson published a report into issues arising out of the Police investigation that followed the incident. In 2006,

Acting Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, ordered the cold case review that finally led to the convictions. After the verdict she said the case had been extremely important for the Lawrence family, the Metropolitan Police and society at large.

Chief Executive of Swansea Bay REC, Mr Taha Idris, OBE, JP expressed his satisfaction at the conclusion of a sad affair that lasted for 18 years before being finalised by the justice system. He felt that it was because of the hard work put in by the Lawrence family and others interested in justice being done that made this conclusion  possible.

03 Jan 2012

Happy New Year 2012! Blwyddyn Newydd Dda 2012!

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Swansea Bay REC wishes to convey its warmest wishes to everyone in society for a fun, happy, healthy and most of all full of fairness  next 12 months to come. We pray that 2012 is a peaceful year which continues to create a cohesive society around us all.