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01 Jun 2011

Congratulations to Swansea City in Reaching the Premier League

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Swansea Bay REC is delighted in congratulating Swansea City Football Club in reaching the English Premier League after their 4-2 win against Reading in the Play-off Finals at Wembley Stadium.

Monday 30 May 2011 saw an spectacular event at the Wembley Football Stadium in London. This was the play-off finals between Reading and Swansea City to decide which  of the teams were to be promoted to Football’s most prestigious English Premier League.

Swansea City Football Club, loved by so many, have completed a remarkable ‘rags to riches’ recovery in steadily climbing from the bottom league to undoubtedly the most revered football league in the world. It’s been a testament to dedication, tenacity and belief in themselves to have completed the journey. Swansea met and defeated Nottingham Forest in the play-off semi final, while Cardiff City. the only other Welsh Club in contention, were beaten by Reading earlier in the month.

Swansea Bay REC’s Chief Executive, Taha Idris OBE JP, was present at Wembley to see the spectacular 4-2 win by the Swans. He described scenes of jubilation and the fantastic behaviour of the crowds. He went on to express his compliments at the camaraderie that existed amongst the 40,000 Swansea supporters who had travelled to see the match. “Although people have spoken about racist behaviour in many of Swansea matches in the past, I did not witness any signs of such behaviour anywhere in the grounds. Indeed there were many black and Asian supporters who had travelled from Swansea and who felt comfortable watching and taking part in the jubilations as everyone else did,” he went on to say. Mr Idris felt that the promotion to such heights in itself held hopes that the minority bigot element who purported to support the Swans will be silenced even further as the game begins to take on the role of uniting Swansea’s black, Asian and white population.

01 Jun 2011

Stephen Lawrence murder accused to go on trial

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Two people accused of killing Stephen Lawrence, the 18 year old black Londoner who was killed in 1993 are to be tried at the Old Bailey accused of murder. The Court of Appeal recently ruled that there was substantial new evidence to put on trial Gary Dobson, 35, and David Norris, 34.

Stephen Lawrence became a torch for campaigners for racial justice after a report was reluctantly commissioned by the then Government. Stephen’s parents, Doreen and Neville campaigned for 4 years until in 1997, the Home Secretary authorised the commissioning of a report into his killing. Sir William MacPherson of Cluny concluded in his report that a series of ‘institutionally racist’ attitude on the part of Metropolitan Police led to the killers of Stephen Lawrence going unpunished for all those years. MacPherson’s report ended with 70 recommendations, most of which were directly addressing shortcomings in the Police service. Some of the recommendations became essential for all public services in their efforts to tackle institutional racism within the public services e.g. local authorities, educational establishments and the National Health Service. In fact the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 was as a direct result of the findings of Stephen Lawrence Enquiry Report.

Dobson originally stood trial in 1996 accused of the killing. A lack of relevant evidence led to his release. Prior to 2003 an accused could not be tried for the same offence more than once. Since the ‘double jeopardy’ rule has been set aside where a court finds that there is sufficiently compelling and substantial new evidence exists for someone to be tried again for the same crime. The pair, Dobson and Norris who were both charged with the murder of Stephen Lawrence in September 2010 will make their next appearance at the Old Bailey on 1st July 2011 with their trial set to commence in November 2011.